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fairytale bang bang Spoon River Poetry Review, Summer 2017

Select Features
Borrisokane, from ‘Disaster Face’ to ‘Murdering Teeth’, Red River Noise
Remnants of The Calm Blue Sea, Red River Noise
Not all are created like Equals, Red River Noise
The Couch Making a Career out of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Red River Noise
Puro Instinct: The Sonorous Sixth Sense of Sisters, Red River Noise

Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas by Fernando A. Flores, Host Publications, Production Editor
I Scream Social Anthology, A Community of Women Writers, Host Publications, Production Editor
Smoking Glue Gun, Online Literary Journal, Social Media and Publicity (2017)
Olio by Tyehimba Jess, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
Hardly War by Don Mee Choi, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
Phantom Pains of Madness by Noelle Kocot, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
The City Keeps by John Godfrey, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
Come In Alone by Anselm Berrigan, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
To Drink Boiled Snow by Caroline Knox, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
Of Entirety Say the Sentence by Ernst Meister, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
Supplication by John Wieners, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
Illocality by Joseph Massey, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
One Morning by Rebecca Wolff, Wave Books Intern (2015-2016)
Sorin Oak Review, Poetry Committee Member (2013)
Bleach Online Sky Rocket Issue, assistant and contributor (2012)
Bleach Online Blood Orange Issue, assistant (2012)
Bleach Online Tokyo Plum Issue, contributing editor (2011)