I Scream Social

I Scream Social is a monthly feminist reading series hosted by Annar Veröld and Schandra Madha. The series was inspired by two things: a craving for ice cream & the hope of hearing diverse female and non-binary voices on the Malvern Books stage. In 2015, I Scream Social launched their first reading and three years later, it’s going strong – showcasing brilliant voices from their community and diverse content.

In 2018, Schandra and Annar embarked on the journey of publishing an anthology inspired by the reading series, hoping to capture the spirit of the I Scream Social stage. Released in October 2018 by Host Publications, the anthology features 45 unique literary voices by women and non-binary writers and includes an introduction by Kimberly Alidio and a cover design by Nat Bradford.

I Scream Social Media:
Instagram | Twitter

Conflict of Interest Feature by Annelyse Gelman: Value in the Things We Love: Celebrating Three Years of I Scream Social
Interview for Malvern’s Multiverse by Joe Bratcher III: Malvern’s Multiverse Meets I Scream Social

Shop I Scream Social Anthology:
Small Press Distribution (preferred, available in November 2018)

Interested in reading for I Scream Social?
Shoot me a message on my contact page.

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